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LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service is a unique and comprehensive performance data management solution for Libraries (Academic, Public, Special, States/Provinces, Library Consortia.)

Explore LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service and its many Features, Benefits, and Options.

Library Performance Assessment

LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service (Library Performance Assessment System) enhances library productivity and advocacy with a data gathering, reporting and management system that is characterized by flexibility.

Flexibility in terms of how your library wishes to:

  • gather data.
  • access and report data.
  • combine performance data with qualitative customer data.

You can contact us at

COCounting Opinions Support

LibPAS: LibPAS Implementation and Orientation Guide

  • create, review, update and remove accounts including the authority to assign user roles
  • authority to access all accounts within the organization relative to the scope of access determined by the level of the organization that the user's Super User account is associated.
  • accounts can be accessed from the Location Management (Home) screen by clicking the "Accounts" link relative to each location and/or through the Account Management screen by clicking the "Accounts" link found in the green horizontal banner.