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  • Secure portal for accessing/managing Performance Indicator (PIPerformance Indicator(s), also Data Element(s)) data/results
  • Comprehensive series of on-line, real-time, on-demand reports
  • Trend reports, Peer Ranking reports, Custom Benchmarking reports, ...
  • Combine quantitative LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service and qualitative LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service results
  • Reports feature charts and one-click access to Excel format data downloads

PIPerformance Indicator(s), also Data Element(s) Collection Management

  • Dictionary of available PIPerformance Indicator(s), also Data Element(s) data elements, normalized PIsPerformance Indicator(s), also Data Element(s) and definitions
  • Comprehensive "collection" management for existing and custom PIPerformance Indicator(s), also Data Element(s) collections
  • Customize collection periods and locations with automatic roll-ups and calculations
  • Automatic calculation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ratios

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