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Public Library Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution

Data is collected from library customers on-line, from wherever they have access to the Internet. We also support paper-based surveys for those respondents who prefer not to respond online.
Note: LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service accommodates online entry of LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service "paper-based" survey results from any Internet accessible location. This enables the immediate consolidation of data and reports.
Each Library System is responsible for the text copy regarding their privacy policy. Library customer participation in your online survey is on an opt-in permission basis. There are no required questions, thus enabling users to remain totally anonymous.
SQUIREThe 6 key dimensions of service Satisfaction, Quality, re-Use, Importance, Recommendation, Expectation
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service’s exclusive SQUIRE IndexA performance index that is expressed as a single value to indicate the relative opportunity for improvement based on the combination of each of the 6 key dimensions of service Satisfaction, Quality, re-Use, Importance, Recommendation, Expectation automatically compiles and reconciles customer responses in the following areas – Satisfaction, Quality, Usage, Importance, Referral and Expectation. As such, SQUIRE provides library management with a ranking system that instantly identifies library locations with customer satisfaction improvement opportunities.
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service's built-in reports enable library management to:
  • Track customer satisfaction trends between selected dates.
  • Measure outcomes resulting from specific operational changes.
  • Develop meaningful and valid comparisons between operational units.
Note: LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service subscribers can track results against industry benchmarks through an optional feature.
Custom Reports and Views of the Data
Library management can define (on-line) data subsets and comparative analysis, in real-time. If desired, the report parameters can be named and saved for future reference.
Customer Comments
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service captures customer comments and enables Library management to categorize and sort Customer Comments. When dealing with large numbers of Comments, this is an invaluable feature for providing system-wide or branch-specific customer insights.
Any size
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service is deployable in single or multi-branch library systems with results and comparisons available branch-by-branch, region-by-region, system-wide, etc.
Email Reminders
Automatically remind library customers (annually) when their next survey response is requested. This is an opt-in service enabling survey respondents to be reminded about future survey participation.
ZIP/Postal Code
Survey respondents are asked to optionally provide their postal/zip code. This permits geographic analysis of the distribution of survey respondents within and external to your core service coverage area.
ISO 11620 Compatible
The LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service solution is compatible with the international Library Performance Indicators standard.
Dejure and Defacto Standards Compatibility
Counting Opinions supports dejure and defacto standards-based approaches to continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. If your organization is using or considering the use of a process improvement methodology (eg., CMT, Balanced Scorecard, etc.) then please contact us to find out how we can help.

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