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The State Library of Kansas, the Library of Michigan, the South Dakota State Library, and the ..→ more…

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LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service is the first continuous Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution specifically developed for Public Library Systems — regardless of size.

Explore LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service and its many Features, Benefits and Options.


LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service is a unique and comprehensive performance data management solution for Libraries (Academic, Public, Special, States/Provinces, Library Consortia.)

Explore LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service and its many Features, Benefits, and Options.

A synergy of available information and technology providing a comprehensive resource for free access to:

  • a searchable directory and maps of over 20,000 public library locations in the USA and Canada.
  • custom searchable maps that public libraries can use on their web sites

You can contact us at