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PLAmetrics Case Study

Using PLAmetrics to Advantage

Austin Public Library

Sandra Cannon, Planner Principal

Evidence-Based Management

Public libraries are increasingly employing PLAmetrics to support a wide variety of local operational and advocacy needs.

Austin Public Library, TX

Sandra Cannon, Planner Principal

“The PLDSPublic Library Data Service data (via PLAmetrics) is currently used to benchmark the Austin Public Library with other similar sized U.S. public libraries. With this data, we justified an increase in our overall budget to City Council. This has assisted us in requesting an increase in the materials budget, the need to increase our per capita amount, justifying the need of new hires or replacements, etc. and, promoting how well we are doing in other areas by comparing ourselves to the benchmarked libraries.

The ultimate benefit of utilizing PLAmetrics is that we have been successful in realizing our requests by utilizing the data.

“We consider PLAmetrics to be the official data representation of our industry.”

About PLAmetrics

PLAmetrics is an online public library data management tool for employing historical and current PLDSPublic Library Data Service data for benchmarking, trend reports, analyses, etc. PLAmetrics also provides access to historical IMLSInstitute of Museum and Library Services data.

Note: 1,400+ public libraries across North America annually provide operational data.

The PLA supports PLAmetrics on behalf of its member libraries and retains Counting Opinions to manage the annual PLDSPublic Library Data Service data collection and the PLAmetrics data tool.

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About Counting Opinions

Facing constant competitive challenges, libraries and library organizations need better tools to understand and manage customer needs and to compete more effectively for scarce resources. In business since 2004, Counting Opinions provides libraries and library organizations with a cost-effective, evidence-based management solutions’ platform for the comprehensive management of their performance and customer satisfaction data. Solutions for custom surveys, open-ended customer feedback, trends, benchmarking, outcomes and peer comparisons are also available.

Note: Interview conducted and case study prepared by Counting Opinions (SQUIREThe 6 key dimensions of service Satisfaction, Quality, re-Use, Importance, Recommendation, Expectation) Ltd..

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