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Facing constant competitive challenges, libraries and library organizations need better tools to understand and manage customer needs, and to compete more effectively for scarce resources.

“Having satisfied customers is not good enough! Unless a customer is satisfied to the point of telling their friends and colleagues about your service (an Apostle) they are, at best, ambivalent about the service and vulnerable to competitive attack.”
“Without quality data to support resource requests, libraries will increasingly lose ground to their more organized and better prepared competitors.”

Counting Opinions provides organizations with innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective ways to manage measure and manage their customer satisfaction and performance data, including open-ended customer feedback, trends, benchmarks, outcomes and peer comparisons.

Counting Opinions’ cost-effective, customer-driven “continuous improvement” solutions enable organizations to:

  1. Continuously obtain customer opinions
  2. Automatically analyze and rank customer-identified opportunities for improvement
  3. Continuously monitor the impact of an organization’s ongoing actions aimed at improving its customers’ satisfaction.

Counting Opinions solutions are delivered in real-time and provide organizations with cost-effective, valid, instantaneous, actionable feedback, 24x7x365.

Counting Opinions solutions include powerful “click-only” reports that clearly identify actionable opportunities for improvement.

Counting Opinions customer satisfaction solutions can be deployed for:

  • The conversion of existing paper based systems
  • Custom solutions
  • Specific vertical market solutions, including the sharing of “Best Practices” amongst participants.

If you would like more information about your specific needs, please contact us at