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Localized Questions
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service provides the ability to add custom questions to the core survey. This includes support for dejure and defacto standards-based approaches to continuous improvement (e.g., CMT, Balanced Scorecard, etc.)
Customer Contact
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service subscribers can enable their survey respondents to request that someone from the Library contact them to discuss their comments and responses.
Branch Access to Survey Results
By providing secure access to their Branch-specific data, front-line library staff are empowered with immediate access to customer responses specific to their Branch so they can initiate any necessary action(s) without delay or need of centralized direction.
Library System Benchmarking
How do your results compare with those from comparable Library Systems?
LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service is currently developing a peer benchmarking service. This permission-based service provides for sharing of "best practices" amongst participants.
Marketing collateral and the LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service survey questions can be deployed in multiple languages (six and counting!). Responses are automatically tabulated in summary reports and can be analyzed and evaluated as distinct data sub-sets.

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