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My Notes

  • Staff:Pending Release
  • InformsUs:Contribution Guidelines – Contribution Guidelines need more details with respect to how to add this information
  • LibPAS Features – All General LibPas features have not been discussed. Needs update.
  • LibSat:Implementation – add information about the survey URL and where to find and construct this. Getting Started Part 2
  • LibSat:Management
  • LibSat:Viewing Comments – The search bar in the Feedback Summary Report uses LIKE comparisons when searching through survey comments and feedback. For example GEN would match to BIOGEN and GENERATE. The following special characters can be used to specify or narrow your search results: "" or () around words or phrase for specific matching, + in front of words or phrases that must appear in the search results, - in front of words or phrases that should not appear in the search results. NOTE: a space, not comma should be used to separate words in the search bar otherwise the comma will be include in the search.
  • LibPAS:Getting Started – Introduction needs to be written to LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service:Getting Started
  • LibPAS:Copy PIs – Full CopyPI instructions need to be added including graphics
  • LibPAS:Collection Name – need to rethink this template
  • LibPAS:Adding Performance Indicators – This page is incomplete and needs visuals and references to be completed
  • LibPAS:Add PIs – Missing references. Page requires review and update




Structure pages with questions, definition, & rationale – Jennifer