October 2011

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We continue to learn from our customers and how they are successfully using Counting Opinions’ services to become more productive, customer focused and responsive to their stakeholders. What we learn keeps our team passionate and engaged in developing and deploying an ever growing number of customer driven improvements. To learn more, please read our customer case studies. We are also pleased to announce the release of the "Opportunity Index" report for LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service (below).

Thank you for your interest and readership.

If you would like to suggest any “Library Performance” related stories for Performance News, please contact us at info@countingopinions.com.

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Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming conferences COCounting Opinions will be attending:

  • Urban Libraries Council (Miami)
  • CLA (Pasadena)
  • IMLSInstitute of Museum and Library Services, State Data Coordinators (Kansas City)
  • ALA Midwinter (Dallas)
  • OLA (Toronto)
  • PLA (Philadelphia)
  • Florida (Orlando)
  • Alberta (Jasper)
  • IFLA-MetLib (Barcelona)
  • CLA (Ottawa)
  • ALA (Anaheim)

Note: For more specific details (as they become available), check CO’s calendar

For additional information or to schedule a webinar demonstration of COCounting Opinions services, please contact info@countingopinions.com

Case Studies

The evidence continues to build – employing evidence-based management is resulting in positive outcomes for libraries.

Public Libraries

Academic Libraries



Florida Atlantic University Case Study

The Florida Atlantic University library is employing LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service (customer satisfaction management system) in combination with custom surveys (developed using InformsUsForm, Survey and App Builder Service, also Web Form Builder+), to identify customer-driven opportunities for improvement. Armed with this evidence (feedback), and where required, library management has been having success obtaining the necessary resources to implement identified opportunities. To complete the communication cycle, library administration advises library customers what it has been able to accomplish. The result has been continuous improvement and, library customer relationship enhancement.

For more:


Counting Opinions (COCounting Opinions) is pleased to announce a new service for State Libraries…


…provisional data management services

The new MetricsAssist service is designed for State Libraries who encounter unexpected/unplanned personnel shortages (e.g., illness, leave, retirement, etc.). Despite a sudden lack of available resources, the fulfillment of regulatory data obligations, policy and planning priorities, and State Library commitments to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLSInstitute of Museum and Library Services) do not disappear.

While State Library administration seeks a permanent solution to their particular circumstance, COCounting Opinions’s new “MetricsAssist” service provides stop-gap assistance to help ensure that there are no delays in State Data capture and filings. Our experienced team can be deployed as needed to support the State with managing any and all aspects of the data capture process, including…

  1. updating surveys
  2. providing training/orientation and on-call support for all reporting libraries
  3. meeting regulatory filing deadlines and commitments
  4. generating print and on-line reports, as required.

And, when a staff person is eventually assigned/re-assigned to the State Data Coordinator (SDC) position, “MetricsAssist” can provide any support, training, orientation and mentoring, as required, during the transition.

Oh, and by the way, “MetricsAssist” supports whatever data service system employed by the State Library (e.g., Counting Opinions LibPASLibrary Performance Assessment Service, BiblioStat, etc.).

Under the direction of Ira Bray, recently retired California State Data Coordinator, COCounting Opinions’s “MetricsAssist” service is designed to manage your State’s short-term data management staffing requirements – either remotely or from a designated location.

Ira has over a decade of experience with the collection and reporting of public library statistics. While at the California State Library he managed the yearly cycle of survey design, survey deployment, collection, inspection and review of over hundred data elements submitted by one hundred eighty one library jurisdictions having more than one thousand outlets. He was elected by fellow State Data Coordinators to serve on the Library Statistics Working Group to advise the IMLSInstitute of Museum and Library Services on public and state library statistics issues. Ira served in this capacity from 2006 to 2010.

For additional information, please contact:
Ira Bray ibray@metricsassist.com or
Jason LeDuc jleduc@metricsassist.com

Opportunity Index Ranking Report

…empowering library customers to drive improvement

Counting Opinions is pleased to announce its new Opportunity Index Report feature recently added to its LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service (customer satisfaction management system) report outcomes functionality. This report is designed to be an automated, customer identified, satisfaction improvement and opportunities ranking report. The objective of the LibSatLibrary Customer Satisfaction Management Service Opportunity Index Report is to identify and rank, your organization’s specific aspects of service that represent the greatest potential for improving your library’s customer satisfaction… as determined by your library’s customers.

The Opportunity Algorithm is calculated for each respondent, and the number of respondents to each question is displayed for your easy reference. The result is an Index (or Score) that helps to determine your organization’s highest “Priorities for Improvement.”

Opportunity Index Ranking Report.png

Staff Announcement

In keeping with its commitment to customer service, Counting Opinions is pleased to announce that Karen Kupiec has joined its subscriber support team.

From ’08 through early ’11, Karen served as the Yale University Library’s Director, Library Access Integration Services. Previously (from ’94 – ’08), Karen worked in the Integrated Library Technology Services area at the Yale University Library, serving as Acting Co-Director ITLS from ’06 – ’08.

“Karen’s background adds significant, ‘customer-centric’ experience to our subscriber support area” states Carl Thompson, President of Counting Opinions, “We are delighted to have her on the team.”

Up and Out There

“Up and Out There” – the “Leading Edge” At a recent meeting, some Counting Opinions staff put a whole new meaning on “Leading Edge.” Click here for a dramatically shortened video (28 seconds) to give you a flavour of a 60 minute experience.

Articles of Interest

Some suggested “articles of interest” for your review…

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